Do you want to save? After no changes

Sometimes (can't see any rule or pattern here) Corel asks me if I want to save/keep changes when closing the file which was just opened but no changes were made. Usually even "Save" icon (discquette) is not active. Sometimes even "Back"/"Forward" arrows are not active (which means that there was no move forward, back in history of editing). But still Corel keeps asking. It's pretty bothering when you work on several files and have to remember if you did change anything or not.

Does anyone have same problem?

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  • I saw something similar, using a macro called Multipage Export from (very useful macro), sometimes the file is already saved, and after use the macro for export as JPG, the file prompts to save again, but there's not changes under the Undo list. Anyway, since the file was already saved, it was not problem (and if the file was not saved, I never find an unwanted change after years of use this macro)