Printing "selection" causes Coreldraw X7 to lose focus

When printing only selected objects ("selection" in the print dialog), Coreldraw X7 loses focus and jumps to the rear of the stack of open programs on my windows 7 desktop. I have to reselect the coreldraw window to bring it forward (make it active) again. This occurs on clicking the "print" button. It doesn't matter how many other windows (programs) are open at the time, in most cases it's just a browser. When printing "current page" there is no loss of focus, coreldraw stays put. It apparently has nothing to do with any specific printer, two different laser engravers and a wide format inkjet printer behave identically, on the same computer.

I am running windows 7, with the latest coreldraw X7 update #4 hotfix.

This does not happen in X6. Just tested it. 

It's just a minor inconvenience, but does add an unwanted wrinkle to my workflow. 

Is there a setting that I'm missing?

I should mention that there are no errors, and printing is normal, I just have to retrieve coreldraw from the back of the stack.