Is Copy/Paste function different in X7 than X4

I have been a long time user of Corel Draw (since Ver. 5) and use it professionally in the sign and print industry.  I've always done all my design work in Coreldraw and when sending images to my vinyl cutter I've just litterally copied the graphic from Corel and pasted it into my cutting RIP (Flexi).  However, since upgrading to X7 I've had various issues which I've managed to limp through but it is greatly effecting production.

Problem #1.  Copying text from Corel X7 and pasting into Flexi comes up with an error in Flexi saying (no cuttable object) basically meaning it is not copying the graphic in its vector state I assume.  It has worked seemlessly in all prior versions of Corel (most recently X4 before the jump to X7) Which begs the question as to what is different, and can I change settings in Corel X7 to make the function work as it always did in previous versions?  this would be my #1 solution if possible, and I'd add that if its NOT available to change settings for this I'd be extremely disappointed in Corel and would be bitter and jaded to no end! lol

Problem #2.  Ive used a workaround for this, by saving my final cut file down to version X4...opening it in X4 and copy/Paste into flexi as usual............however, not only is this an additional and annoying step but for some reason Corel X4 is really slow opening any files that have been saved down to an earlier version......................sooooo if there is NOT a fix for my original problem, is there a fix to saving down and opening files in X4?  Since I can no longer get support for X4, I've simply reinstalled its disk version but there would likely be many updates and fixes available which may have addressed and fixed this issue but I have no way of getting those updates anymore.  In X7, when saving down I'm using the "keep appearance..." option so I'm not sure if its a simple setting like that or what?  any suggestions?

Again I'm an avid Corel user and supporter but problems like this are soooo frustrating.  Obviously I know I can save the file as .Ai or .EPS and then import that file into my cutting RIP, but such an annoying and unnecessary step when all previous versions of coreldraw I could simply cut n paste. :(