a list of free macros for x7

So i use x7 for my work for  laser engraving\cutting , and i was hoping to find a list of free macros for x7 that performs some simple - yet repetitive and time consuming tasks

- a macro that rotates an object 90 dgrees

-a macro that rotates selected objects 90 dgrees each by it's anchor point

-a macro that paste an object in the center of the veiw

-a macro that saves a view , give it a shortcut so that whenever you  hit the shortcut , it zooms to that view

-a macro that arrange a group of object's in a selected rectangle in a way that saves materials - i think it's called nesting- , this could be a hard one

-a macro that gives more options for editing curves ( creating arcs between 2 circles , slicing curves , fit objects to curves .. etc )

edit 1 :

-a macro that saves objects colors ( fills and outlines ) with shortcuts , by hitting the shortcut it automatically apply the saved fill and outline  

-a macro that that works as dimension , but by selecting an object or group of object then running that macro , will automatically draw the dimensions   of the object around it

also any macro that you can remember for x7 that's free , is welcomed to be posted

the reason i ask for free macros is because most of these paid macros are hard to purchase ( requires a visa , which i don't own )

thanks in advance