Creating a new outline vector for my design

Hi all!

Im having some problems, i bought some black and white designs that i would like to use.
I got them in CDR files and can open them in my CD X7.
They look great, the only problem is: The designs are a mess!

When i outline the design red, I see the following problems:
Black areas not welded, no problem = Ungroup and weld them
White areas are still there, no problem = Minus them

My biggest problem is taht some black lines in the design, are outline only.
I know I can ungroup and Convert outline to object and weld also.

I am hoping there is a way or a macro that could save me alot of time and work.
I think its easyer to lay down a new outline for the whole design.
I dont want to save it JPEG or PNG and trace it, it will lose quality.

Does someone has an idea how to solve this? I think its a waist of time to do it all by hand.

Thanks for now!