Broken font when convert to curve/save as pdf

Hai, I'm using Bahnschrift font and the font become broken (some part of the word become lost) when i saved it as pdf/convert the font to curves

  • Bahnschift is a Variable Font. It's actually a pretty good Variable Font, but it has a nasty quirk I don't see much in other Variable Fonts. When you look at the letter forms in Wireframe View you'll see the letters are made up of many separate, overlapping parts. BTW, you have to be using CorelDRAW 2020 to access any of the extra Variable Font features (width, weight & slant axis sliders). Earlier versions of CorelDRAW are going to see only the single basic version of Bahnscrift.

    If you convert a type object set in Bahnscrift to curves you'll need to break apart the letter forms and then weld them back together to remove the overlapping issues. This procedure of converting to curves, breaking apart and welding is a MUST for anyone doing sign work where the lettering will be fed into a vinyl cutter or routing table. The plotter knife or routing bit is going to travel wherever a path is present.

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