Importing Illustrator 24 files to CorelDRAW X7 and preserving text

I have Illustrator 24 and CorelDRAW X7 and need to be able to take files from Illustrator and edit them in X7.  I've tried to export the files as older version of Illustrator, pdf files, eps and svg files.  But each time I import to CorelDRAW it imports the text as curves.  Most the time it ask if I want to import the text as "text" or "curves" (I choose text and it still comes in as curves).  I can open the files in Illustrator and the text is still there and editable, however, if I import the files into Illustrator I also loose the text.  Any Ideas or Suggestions?

  • For moving artwork between Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW I get the best results by simply saving the Illustrator artwork down to an earlier version of Illustrator and then importing the file into CorelDRAW. I can't remember the latest version of AI files CDR X7 supports. Normally the active, editable text objects should come through intact.

    One possible reason that could cause Illustrator to convert text to outlines when saved down to earlier versions: Variable Fonts. The new font format is backward compatible only a version or two back in Illustrator. CorelDRAW only started supporting Variable Fonts in its latest version. The latest versions of Illustrator also support SVG Color Fonts. There is no support for those kinds of fonts in CorelDRAW.