Bulk Export in .JPEG

Hi Guys!

I'm using CorelDraw X7 and am out of energy to create myself these mockups.
Is there some option to bulk export my "fake walls" with my designs on it.
I have hunderds of these designs, need to make each design in 15 colors on the wall.

I found this macro code, hoped it could do some for me, but it need some changes and im no macro expert .

Sub exportGroups()
Dim groups As ShapeRange
Dim group As Shape
Dim groupname As String, path As String
Set groups = ActiveSelectionRange

For i = 1 To groups.Count
groupname = groups.Shapes(i).Name
path = "c:\" & groupname & ".png"
Set expflt = ActiveDocument.ExportBitmap(path, cdrPNG, cdrSelection, cdrRGBColorImage, 0, 0, 300, 300, cdrNormalAntiAliasing, False, True, True, False, cdrCompressionNone)
With expflt
.interlaced = True
.Transparency = 0
.invertmask = False
.Color = 0
End With
Next i
End Sub

What i am looking for:

I can group each picture with the design on it, if possible without.
Savepath: Harddrive I:/Exports   -   Filename : Documentname + count 001 going up
Save as: .jpg / .jpeg

I hope someone is able and willing to help me, this will save me hours and a bad headache.
Other options or ideas are welcome also, 

Thanks for reading.

  • I have a macro that can export a selection as a bitmap, and can generate the filename from the document name plus a time stamp. It's not designed to export multiple assets "in bulk", but it might be faster than whatever you are currently doing.

    By not dragging you through an export dialog, and by creating the filename automatically, that allows for a relatively quick "select, then export, select, then export,..." workflow. That's not an optimal, custom solution to your problem - but it exists, and it's free: #28 - Macro - Quick Export.

    For a custom solution, I would think about something that would allow one to select a given design, and then have the macro walk through the 15 color variations, exporting to .JPG after each change. Maybe get the colors by iterating through the members of a custom palette. I'm just spitballing there.