This whole font issue is driving me nuts. Fonts are dropping out on their own.

This is not a new thing just getting really annoying here lately. We load all fonts to the windows directory. We also have a "Font Swap directory on our network. That way if a designer needs to pull up something designed by someone else and the font is missing font manager can load it as long as that person has their font manager set to look there. Anyway, on any given day we can pull up a file we were working on the previous day and the font is missing and also missing from the network directory. Today I begin a new doc and begin to design some parking signs. I try to choose the font we've used for years and the whole font family is gone. I can see them all in FM but can't install them from there due to a recent network rebuild (network problem with permissions os some thing). I have to copy them to the desktop them install them then delete them from the desktop to uncutter.