regarding converting an object from coreldraw to autocad for cnc plasma cutting

I'm new to CorelDraw , I use CNC plasma machine for mild steel cutting, usually it was abt just normal shapes of orders i had ,but now I'm  willing to cut design patterns for grill/jali  for decorative purpose in mild thickness (from 1mm to 5mm).such patterns are only can be drawn & scaled easily in coral draw. our machine requires a Dxf format file for cutting process hence I'm doing the same after shaping and scaling accg. to requirement in CorelDraw. 

my problem is when i do this conversion from CorelDraw to dxf , the drawn object is seen drawn with so many dots like lines to form a desired shape and this object file is giving jerks on every point of shape ,what i require is to minimize these dots used while drawing the particular shape so that i get a shape drawn with less points to avoid the jerks while cutting it.


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