BMP Export Size is different from page layout

I am creating a test pattern so that we can assess various LCD displays. The image needs to be pixel perfect so that we can see that the display is sharp.

My cdr file is setup for the correct size 480 x 320 pixels.

When I export the file to Microsoft BMP it becomes 482 x 322 pixels.

If I manually adjust the size to export as 480 x 320 then my image is distorted.

Opening up the exported file it looks like a 1px border has been added.

How can I export a cdr file to BMP at true size? For now I have to crop it manually in MS Paint.

  • Can you share a sample .CDR file where you are seeing this problem?

    Bitmap export from CorelDRAW is not based on the page size, but on the objects being exported, including things such as line width that could make the content larger than the wireframe dimensions.