too many fonts

I pointed font manager to a font folder with 200k fonts, I think it installed them all, I went and uninstalled all of them but Corel x8 lists them in the font drop down of the program

CorelDraw x8 is very slow

what do I need to do to reset or get rid of all the fonts slowing it down

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    resetting the Database with F8 fixed it :)

    Robert Fraser DisplayFX 401 Queen Street Chatham, Ontario Canada N7M 2H8

    On Thursday, February 2, 2017 2:50 PM, TheSign Guy <> wrote:

    Update from CorelDRAW Community
    TheSign Guy
    Hi Again Rob: Other tan filling up your computer, which will SLOW it down the Corel Font Manager should not slow it down. In the sign business we need A LOT of fonts at sometime, mainly to match up what a client wants. The Corel Font Manager by it self is worth the cost of CorelDRAW X8 ( for me ). If you want a FAST computer it is best to build one amed at that. Have Fun using one of the best.

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