Font Manager X8 Advice, plus Panose question...

Have finally installed and am using X8.  Windows 7, 64 bit.  Patch 1 is installed.  After horrid problems with Connect, and reading about the pre patch problems with Font Manager, I'm, well, AFRAID to try to use it.  Currently 2056 installed fonts.  I have multiple directories of fonts (beyond my basic C:\Windows\Fonts directory) and in the past my practice has been to take a look at those fonts when I'm bored with what I have, or for an unusual project,  and install the ones I think I'll need.  Generally never get around to uninstalling them.  I actually don't have a huge problem with continuing that behavior, and am not sure I'm wild about FM showing me uninstalled fonts for my "use."  I almost always go out to press, so would guess if I used uninstalled fonts in a project, I'd have to install them before going out to print (which would require me to remember to do it and I can already see that problem).  Yes?

However, it would be nice to have collections of fonts -- all my san serif condensed, or all script, for instance.  Although, if I put a font into a collection does it also stay in the main list, or only exist in the collection?  Sigh.

Bottom line is before I open Font Manager, would appreciate any advice.  I have gotten the message not to let FM index every directory/disk where I have fonts.  Other than that, any specific advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, when I'm opening X6 files, I'm getting panose substitutions -- to the correct fonts, but from Type 1 to Open Type.  Huh?

Appreciate whatever you can tell me.

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  • As regards the substitutions (the Panose), CD now sees fonts correctly/differently inside the font. So one simply needs to generally substitute for the same font.

    That's a lot of installed fonts. I have always used a font manager so I haven't had to face this issue. If it were me, I would take the time to copy all but Windows' default fonts to a folder under the My Documents folder or off the root of whatever drive. And then I would uninstall them. Make sure to not uninstall Windows' default fonts as Windows itself can get mucked up as well as applications that use those fonts. There are web sites that list the default fonts for the various revisions of Windows. I would recommend using that list to make sure you do not uninstall those fonts.

    I would set CD to only see installed/system fonts--otherwise it will act like the new font manager and the response time when choosing a font from inside CD will be slow upon first access during a session.

    I would start Corel's font manager at this point and point it to at least the folder you created and copied all those fonts to. It will then monitor that folder--as well as any other folder you tell it to.

    I have somewhere around 100k fonts. But in the folder my font manager uses (and Corel's when I was testing it) only have about 6k or so. I use the font manager to review and select fonts for various jobs. As well, I create folders inside the font manager (some call them groups, etc.) for particular clients and can activate those fonts in one fell swoop to work on their stuff. Regardless of which font manager I use, I temporarily activate fonts. This makes the fonts available to any application, but upon a reboot or shutdown, those fonts are unloaded. I rarely choose to permanently active fonts: which is the same as using Window's install with the difference being that the font manager itself can then still be told to unload those fonts--i.e., it manages fonts.