Windows 10 Creator Update versus Fonts and Corel Manager X8 / Bitstream Font Navigator 17 [X7]

Re: Windows 10 Pro > 1703.15063.13 [Creators Update]
CorelDRAW & Corel Font Manager X8
Two very similar i7 [2700K] Desktops systems but totally separate

Hope I am not committing a mortal sin by coping my post from the CDGS X18 section, which has not yet received a precise reply in relation to the 'Creators Update' of Windows 10.

I have experimented with the Creator's Update [Windows 10 Pro 1703.15063.13]. On both systems I found that installed fonts were retained only within a session that was put to 'Sleep'. 'Shutdown' and 'Restart' resulted in the loss of all installed fonts [not deleted], except Windows Protected System Fonts.

Corel Font Manager X8 would fail to correctly display fonts installed from Groups in Bitstream Font Navigator 17 [X7] — until all the Groups were uninstalled / reinstalled. But these would again be lost with a Shutdown or Restart.

I am most anxious to learn if others are experiencing this problem? I find it hard to imagine that it has not been reported yet and therefore am inclined to conclude that it is an artifact of the upgrade process from my two Windows 10 1607s. To that end, I downloaded a Batch File from Windows TenForums to clear Windows font cache. It ran on Creators Update [1703] but failed to resolve the issue.

Of course, I imaged both 1607 systems prior to running the Creators Update and have now restored both computers to the Anniversary Update: Windows 10 Pro 1607.14393.969, in which — on both computers — there are no font issues and Corel Font Manger X8 / Bitstream Font Navigator 17 [X7] operate normally.

I have download but not installed CorelDRAW 2017, not wishing to complicate the issue.

Grateful for suggestions!

  • You are right. This issue is really a major pain. I've had he same exact problem. Issue still exists even on the latest Windows update. I have to reinstall the fonts everyday. Like you said... does not seem to bother anyone else. If you mention this, the responses you probably will get on this forum, is that your computer is at fault or you don't know how to setup your computer. Its frustrating to get such responses and the 'experts' here treat you like your some high school kid with his first computer.

    The problem exists but don't expect any fixes in the near future. As of now I go to the font folder (Not the Windows font folder but where the actual font file is located), find the font I want and install it using the Windows default font install... not thru any font manager. This seems to make it stick.
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