How to read "REALLY OLD" CDR files

I have a couple of 15-year-old CDR files that I need to edit/update, but CorelDraw 12 won't open them -- just gives me an error message saying that they were created with CorelDraw version 1 or 2, and it can't open them.  Does anyone know a way I can update the format of these files so that I can edit them with recent versions of CorelDraw?  Before you ask, I no longer have any version of CorelDraw older than version 12.

  • I needed to open CDR file today for an old logo I create in the early 90's in version 3 or 5 - and was unable to OPEN it in ANY way until, I downloaded Inkscape. I was able to import it and save it as a SVG file and was able to open it in Version 19 and save it. It did lose some detail but nothing that couldn't be fixed easily. Hope this helps!  

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