Corel 10 and Windows 7 problems.

I use Corel Draw 10. In my opinion, its not broke, so it doesn't need to be replaced. My wife got a 

laptop with Windows 7 on it and have nothing but trouble ever since ! Microsoft thinks its Corel's problem.

When we type text  in specific font, it uses the font we chose. Ok to see it in different font, we duplicate the text and then try to change the font, only 2 fonts are shown now, neither of which I wanted. 


So to see it in a different font, we have to re type it in a different font. 


I make stickers at a Flea Market here in Mobile, Alabama and my cuttng program, Mikaki Fine Cut 1.0

only works with Corel 9 or Corel 10. 


Windows 7 is supposedly set us use it like windows was in XP mode, but does'nt work  that way. 

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  • Hey Sticker Guy.

    George is right. You'll need to run it in a virtual machine so you need the pro version of Windows. You can then download the virtual machine from Microsoft.

    Another option is to buy an older computer with windows 98 or possibly XP to use at your Flea Market for and only for production. Use your new machine at home with a newer version of Draw at least X4 or above.