CorelDraw 9

Purchased x7. Have versions 9 & 12,  like 9 better. loaded 9 and when disc one was done, did not ask for disc 2 or 3. Want to load clipart on hard drive, how to accomplish. Seems to me when I loaded 9 while in business, it asked for all the discs when the previous disc loaded. 

  • I'm using CD12 and that doesn't load discs 2 and 3 either. You just download the desired clipart etc to a location of your choice. I remember CD9 worked like this as well. (Maybe corperate version was different).


  • Thank you for your reply. I thought something had corrupted my discs because I remembered earlier versions had 4 discs and asked for the next disc after each loaded.
    Thank You Again for the reply.
  • I am a registered user with version 5 and need version 9 to read/write version 5.

    From Wikipedia Version 10 doesn't read Version 9 or earlier. 

    Is there anyway I can get a version 9 ? Dave Uphill

  • I have a full version 9, including the manuals that I no longer use. I used it in my business designing Silver Buckles and other items. I was the owner of Silver State Silver, in Sparks, NV, am now retired and living in Idaho.
    The older versions had 4 CD’s, and automatically asked for the next one as each loaded. The newer versions have 3 CD’s and do not automatically load the next one. I still have not figured out how to load all the clipart onto the Hard Drive so it is easily accessed like the old versions.