CorelDraw won't recognize any printers

I've been running CorelDraw 8 on Windows 8.1 for a few years. Yesterday, we installed a new printer and CorelDraw 8 stopped recognizing any printers at all, even BullZip PDF Printer (which is not an external printer). I've uninstalled and installed CorelDraw 8 about 10 times - with no improvement.

Any suggestions (besides upgrading to a new version [which I have already done {CorelDraw X6 doesn't recognize CorelDraw 8}])?

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  • After I installed it: Programs/CorelDraw 8/ right-click/Properties/Compatibility/Compatibility mode/Windows 98.                                                          Also, I tired to install the Middle-Eastern fonts during the installation, but it didn't work. So, I installed the to the fonts directory directly from the CD.

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