UI language invalid

Hi, can anyone help please. I have recently installed the graphics software but cannot open the program. I keep getting an error message saying that "UI Language Registration is invalid. Frustrating.



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  • Can you provide more information regarding the version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite you've installed (including the language and if any, which service packs you've installed) and also what operating system you've go, including the language.


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    Hi Gerard,

    Thanks for your time. I have installed the CorelDrawX3 graphics suite...Education Edition:English language. I operate a HP Pavillion computer running Windows xp with service pak2.

    I really appreciate your help.



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    I suppose you've already tried to do a repair of the installation. If not, you can do so by going to the Windows Control Panel > Add / Remove programs. There might have been a problem with the installation. If you haven't changed the default location for installation, can you confirm that you have a folder called "EN" under C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 13\Languages?


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    Hi gerard, Success! There was no actual 'Languages' folder, and therefore no "EN" file, in the path that you suggested. However, I did find an "EN" file under C:\Program files\CorelDRAW Graphics SuiteX3 set-up files\cg13. This installed when I opened it, and the program worked immediately. Thank you so much for your help. You deserve to live in such a beautiful country as Canada...greetings from Australia. Thanks again. Brian.
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    Hi Gérard, I live in Belgium and had a similar problem as Brian now involving problems with the Dutch Language UI. I followed your advice too and it worked! Great work. Thanks for your support! Bye. Guido

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    Hi there Gerard

    Please help - I have a big design job on with scary deadlines and my Corel XV has just gone mad. I opened it this morning, it asked me if I wanted to get the updates, clicked yes and now I am getting the error message "The UI Language registration list is invalid".  I've never seen this error until today/after the updates.

    I am not a geek or tech minded at all but tried to follow your advice to Brian - no joy. Have gone to Control Panel and clicked 'repair' on the Corel applications, still no luck.

    If I do a complete Uninstall - can I reinstall with my same registration number or will I be blocked from installing the same software again? And can I uninstall from Control Panel or must I use the Corel online uninstall function? What happens to my design files when I uninstall - should I back up to an external hard drive?

    I am using an Acer laptop, Vista. My Corel XV is a box set bought in South Africa last week / I have the disc  .....

    Any advice before I chuck this laptop in the swimming pool / lose a big client?!


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    If you purchased the box version, you should have no problem de-installing / restarting your computer and the re-installing the software.

    Please contact the Corel technical support team who should be able to help further.


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    Thanks Gerard. Will try that now and see if I win. Your feedback is much appreciated.


  • there is a Windows installer Package by name EN

    install this setup and the complaint is attended to. 

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    I have the same problem with an error " The UI language registration list is invalid" ....  I cannot find my discs of the software. I purchased new...    What can I do?  I have a file in> Program Files (X86)> Corel> Corel Draw X5 Graphics Suite X5>Languages>EN>

    I went one step further to config folder and it reads:[General]

    Help if you can, please!  Thanks...


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    I found the same problem, but you've managed, so unistall corelx6 how to clean, further re-install again with right click "run administrator"

    Thank you for Fred_B replied on Thu, September 20 2007 17:58

    I found the same problem, but you've managed, so unistall corelx6 how to clean, further re-install again with right click "run administrator"

    Thank you for Fred_B replied on Thu, September 20 2007 17:58

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    Hi Gerard

    I have just installed X6 as an upgrade and got the 'UI Language Invalid' error. I have found an 'EN' folder in C:\program files/corel/coreldraw graphics suite x6/languages but don't quite know how to activate it. I have tried un-installing but get 'setup.xml could not be loaded'

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm running Windows 7 professional


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    By the sound of it, there is a problem with your installer. I would recommend you contact the support team and use your warranty support ticket for that (as you seem to just have purchase the product).

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    I hope that your problem has been solved by now. It seems to happen to
    some users.
    The language program on my computer is located at C:\Program
    Files\Corel\CorelDRAW graphics suite X6\Languages\EN\------.
    There is no choice of language. It must get installed when the program
    is installed.
    I had the same problem. It was cured as follows.
    1. Uninstalled both X4 and X5. This had to be done from the installation
    disk. Uninstall from Control Panel leaves a lot of junk behind.
    2. Manually deleted all CorelDraw folders that I could locate with SEARCH
    including entries in C:\USERS ------ .
    3. Ran a Registry cleanup.
    This cleaned out folders and registry entries which a new reinstall
    might use.
    4. Reloaded X6 and inserted the old key for X5 as well as the new one for
    This worked on my computer.
    Let us know whether you have resolved the problem and how you did