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How do i change the default font for the text tool

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  • Hi there, I am not aware of an option that will let you change the default font in DRAW. I looked around and just don't see it. Sorry!

  • Hello MarkI,

    The way you can change the default font for either the "Artistic Text" or "Paragraph Text" in CorelDRAW is the following:

    1. Click on the text tool in the toolbar on the left of the screen but DON'T click anywhere on the page 

    2. This will change the "Property Bar" at the top of the screen to reflect the tools specific for the text, including a drop down menu with a list of all the installed fonts on your machine.

    3. Click on the arrow to expand the drop down list of fonts, select the font you want to make your default font. When you do this a dialogue box will appear with the title "Text Attributes" and will say "Changing text properties when nothing is selected will modify the attributes used by the text tools when creating new objects." and "Click on the boxes below to choose which tools will receive new default settings." and it will give you the options of "Artistic text" and "Paragraph text"  Select which of the two text types you'd like to change the default for and and hit "ok".

     4. That's it you're done. If you don't understand my instructions let me know and i will make you some diagrams. I hope this helps.


    NOTE: By the way you can use the same technique with other defautls such as colour or outline by selecting that tool in the toolbox first 

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    Nice dreamwizard, I didn't think of that. duhEmbarrassed 

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    In X3, you can also do this: With NOTHING selected, you can also go to the Upper Menu bar and select Text, Character Formatting..........and then choose the font, size, etc. You will get the normal warning dialog box, asking if you want to change defaults for artist or paragraph text. Easy cheesy.
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    Just one question: Since we are in the PhotoPaint group...? Wink
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    Thanks all, but I already knew how to do this in Draw, its PhotoPaint that I am having trouble with. I've had a look but cannot see any options that allow the default to be set.

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    That was what I suspected. Don't know how to change it in PP either.

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    I managed to change it by clicking on the "Character Formatting" button after I selected the text button. When I change tools and go back to text, the font I chose in character formatting remains the "default font. I hope this is what you are after.

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    Hi Shakespeare, Almost but not quite. this works for a session, but does not change the default when Photo-Paint X3 starts up. I always get Arial 24 pt. I would like it to be Times New Roman 14 pt.

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    Yes, I realized the same constraint. At least it works for a session!..;-Þ..I searched at length lastnight and couldn't find anything. You'd think it would be easy.

     Different note..does anyone know how I get rid of the tags in the bottom of my post?