Corel Draw 10 works in Windows 10!


I give ad hoc support to a small specialist printing company that refuse/unable to move off the old Corel 10, primarily due to a large database of bespoke designs and a lack of funds. When installing a new PC for them several years ago we were unable to get Corel 10 to run on Windows 7 even in compatibility mode. Appeared to work OK but would hang when trying to print. I was more successful running it under Virtualbox so went ahead with this as a 'temporary' measure.

They have three PCs and one very expensive pro printer connected to Lan and internet.

As you may have guessed temporary measure is now entrenched and causes pain, as just illustrated by latest Win 10 update knocking VBox out. Simple software update of VBox fixed problem but in doing this one of their employee's showed me how he could edit and print from Corel direct in Win 10. I tested this out and all worked fine.

Is anyone else using this combination of sw? They are using the Graphic Suite 10 not just CorelDRAW.