Outline object doesn't work properly

Hi folks, I read about some ways to outline an object and tried this:

1. Srg + M for mask

2. activate brush and adjust colour and line

3. Masks - create - brushstroke from mask

My object is a bunch of tags (see attachment, please). This is one object in the objects docker, no group. But the outline appears only around the first tag!

I can't find no way to outline all tags. I can't see any logic in this.

I'm new at photo paint 2020 and must say, I already found at least 3 bugs. I know that the graphics suite is a hugh tool with many possibilities, but so far it is slow (on a real state of the art creator notebook with 4k and 64gb ram, 6gb graphics card that stays at low cpu levels, while working with photo paint) and doesn't run smooth when zooming in and scrolling (like working with Win3.1 on a old ibm machine).

Thanks for your help, I worked with PS but many things are different here.