Photo Paint 2020 (and Draw) zoom problem bug

Hi folks, I have a strange problem, please see attached video. First of all, I've got a real fast Creator Notebook that is capable of fast video and graphics work and runs fluent with any other graphics Software like PS, Affinity Photo and Gimp. So this problem can't be a power problem, wich also is indicated that the graphics card and the cpu doesn't need any afford to run photo paint. It is a 4k screen, so maybe here is the problem. When I zoom in and shuffle the view with the slider up and down it isn't fluent at all. This is especially annoying when I have to use the rubber at a very hy zoom factor. The second probem accures when I scroll by rolling the mousewheel while the view is zoomed in. You see in the video that the tool vanishes and doesn't come back until I go back to 0 zoom. Hope you have any Idea. I only found one setting regarding the graphics card and already tried to uncheck it with no changes to the problem. The same problem happens with draw. Also the software crashes occasionally. For a pro software in this pricerange this is rather dissapointing. Thanks for your help, Roland.