How to Batch Resize to a fixed height (200px) with relative width ?

Got a bunch of pics all different sizes.

Want to make them all 200px high with the width whatever so the aspect ratio stays the same.

When I create a script and run the batch sets them all to the same width with relative height... opposite of what I want.

Here is the script that was created when I recorded re-sampling the test image to 200x high...

.SetDocumentInfo 350, 466
.ImageResample 150, 200, 72, 72, TRUE

As you can see when the sample was re sampled to be 200px high it adjusted the width to 150px... BUT when I run the batch on all the files it adjust them all to 150 wide and adjust the height relative to that to maintain aspect radio.

How can I fix this so all pic's end up 200px high with the width whatever to maintain aspect ratio?

Thanks for any help.