File copy error : temp drive or output drive may be full

File copy error : temp drive or output drive may be full


this error similarly occur when i work on corel 12 

although all drive have a lot of space


is there is any solution sir 

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  • I'm not sure if this is the error, but having too many files in the windows tempfiles folder can cause problems even if there is plenty of space remaining.

    Deleting them is always a good thing to do. You can either use a specialist program like cCleaner or just put %temp% in the windows run box to take you to the temp folder and delete everything there with a time that is newer than your last reboot.

    Do not under any circumstances use some random program that comes up in search results and claims to be the solution to all manner of PC problems. They are often ransomware (ie, they deliberately create other problems which the free version cannot fix, and then charge money to fix problems that were not there until you installed their program).

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    File copy error : temp drive or output drive may be full

    The "temp drive" is the Virtual Memory, the Swap file of Windows. This message inidcates that you must increase the size of the Virtual Memory, under the Control Panel. It's not the same of the RAM memory, is only a percentage of the disk available for create temporary files. The more size of your Virtual Memory, more stable will be the program, more fast will work, and less errors you will have. Is good to use at least 20 Gb of the hard disk for Virtual Memory 

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    That didn't work, I have a huge hard drive and I have set the virtual memory to 20gb on both the C and D drive... now what??

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    Read this useful conversation ....#mce_temp_url#