• CorelDRAW Technical Suite video tutorial: Embedding 3D in technical illustrations

    Learn in this tutorial how to insert a 3D model in Corel DESIGNER as interactive 3D model object.

    See how you can access predefined snapshots and cross-sections and interact with the 3D visualization to add context to technical illustrations in Corel DESIGNER.


    (German) In deutsch:
    In diesem Video-Tutorial zeigen wir, wie Sie in Corel DESIGNER X6 3D-Modelle direkt in technische Illustrationen einbetten können und…

    • Mon, Jul 28 2014
  • Importing 3D - video tutorial

    Learn how to import 3D models in XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition for creating meaningful illustrations.

    In this tutorial you will see how to use basic 3D visualization tools such as setting views, saving snapshots and creating cross-sections.

    See how...

    • Fri, Jul 25 2014
  • Corel DESIGNER user survey: Have Your Say!

    How do you use CorelDRAW Technical Suite (previously Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite)?

    We want to know!

    Tell us about what you create, your workflow and your overall experience with Corel DESIGNER and the other technical illustration tools in the suite for your chance to win a Wacom Intuos 4 (small) tablet and other great prizes. Fill out the survey here!

    Thank you very much in advance for participating in our survey…

    • Tue, Feb 4 2014
  • Corel DESIGNER X6 - hot fix 1 available

    Important information for CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 and CorelDRAW Technical Pack users:

    Hot Fix 1 is available as initial update for Corel DESIGNER X6.

    This hot fix addresses a critical issue related to the new "Insert 3D" functionality in Corel DESIGNER X6:


    • With hot fix 1 applied, Corel DESIGNER no longer stops responding when you use the File > Insert 3D model command to place a 3D model in your…
    • Thu, Jun 13 2013
  • Efficient technical illustration with the tool box in Corel DESIGNER

    Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW are based on the same application code and share many generic drawing tools.

    However, besides the dedicated technical illustration tools, Corel DESIGNER also provides some unique UI behaviors that are different from the tools you find and the way you access them in CorelDRAW.

    For example, Corel DESIGNER does not use Flyout tool bars.

    The tool box in Corel DESIGNER, hosting all the drawing…

    • Thu, Aug 2 2012
  • 2-color dashed lines with Corel DESIGNER

    Adding to the previous tip on multi-color lines there is a much more convenient way when all you need is a 2-color dashed line!

    In Corel DESIGNER X5 you can apply halos not only to callouts, but also to any curve or geometric (line) object.

    Since the halo can be generated with a color, you can use the halo of a curve as background, with a dashed line as foreground color element of your 2-color dashed line.

    1. Create…
    • Fri, Jul 6 2012
  • Multicolor lines with Corel DESIGNER

    Those of you who have used Micrografx Designer in the past may have seen the "Line Fill" option in the curve object properties.
    While this particular feature is not supported with Corel DESIGNER, you can create multi-color lines of any shape in a few steps with Corel DESIGNER.

    To create a 2-color dashed line you can follow these steps:

    1. Create the curve as solid line and give it the intended line weight (width…
    • Fri, Jul 6 2012
  • Create exploded views with the new Manual Explode tool in Deep Exploration 6.5.4 CE

    With Deep Exploration 6.5.4 CE update that comes included with Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 Service Pack 2, there is the completely new "Manual Explode" tool.

    With "Manual Explode" you can create animated exploded views of complex 3D assemblies for illustrated assembly instructions.
    In Deep Exploration 6.5.4 CE you will find a new tool bar "Manual Explode". By default, that tool bar is included…

    • Mon, Jul 2 2012
  • 3D visualization in Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 - tips and tutorials for Deep Exploration CE

    With the integrated Deep Exploration CSE you can work with 3D files directly in Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5.

    The optional Add-On "Deep Exploration CCE" (Deep Exploration CAD Edition now part of the SAP® Visual Enterprise solutions as "Visual Enterprise Author") enhances the 3D visualization capabilities further by providing direct import support for a wide range of 3D CAD file formats, 3D PDF output capabilities…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • Update Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 to Service Pack 2!

    Update your Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 installation to Service Pack 2 now!

    The patch, available for download on the Corel website, includes numerous enhancements and an updated version of the 3D visualization and import component Deep Exploration CE.

    Here's some highlights of the Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 Service Pack 2:

    • Various improvements to Micrografx Designer (.dsf) file import/ open
    • PDF…
    • Thu, Apr 26 2012
  • Renumbering callouts automatically

    As outlined briefly in the tutorial video "Creating understandable technical illustrations", there is a new tool in Corel DESIGNER X5 helping you to streamline the use of numbered callouts even further.

    The callout tools in Corel DESIGNER - already very powerful with halos and context sensitive callout text such as automatic increment - have been enhanced further with an additional option to automatically renumber…

    • Mon, Mar 12 2012
  • Accessing macros in Corel DESIGNER

    We received a lot of feedback on the tip about scaling multiple objects, asking for step-by-step instructions for accessing macros in Corel DESIGNER X5.

    Here's more information about different ways to run existing macros:

    Note that Corel DESIGNER (same as CorelDRAW) macros are stored in files with the extension "GMS" (global macro storage). There are 2 locations (\GMS folders) you can save macros in for Corel DESIGNER…

    • Wed, Feb 22 2012
  • Repurposing 2D CAD files - Importing AutoCAD / CorelCAD .DWG files at scale

    Did you know that you can import .DWG and .DXF files at a specific scale in Corel DESIGNER X5?

    CAD models are commonly drafted in worldscale (1:1). When importing such CAD models for documentation or presentation graphics with Corel DESIGNER, you will usually not use the real world scale but rather a 1:100 scaled drawing (for an architectural plan) or a 1:10 (manufacturing detail) or any other downscaled representation…

    • Thu, Feb 9 2012
  • Resizing groups of objects with maintaining individual center position

    Imagine this: You have completed a rather complex illustration with many different components and objects in it. Now it turns out that you need a different size for a subset of those objects (not resizing the whole drawing) and they should maintain their position in the drawing at the same time.

    No problem, if these objects have been defined as a symbol and are individual instances of that symbol: 
    > Right click on one…

    • Wed, Feb 1 2012
  • Generating industry standard CGM output with Corel DESIGNER

    Did you know that Corel DESIGNER X5 supports a number of new CGM industry standard profiles?

    You can now export to new CGM v4 profiles such as WebCGM 2.0, WebCGM 2.1 and S1000D (issue 4.0 compliant).

    In addition the ATA GREXCHANGE profiles and also ActiveCGM profile are further supported.

    With "Hot Fix 2" for Corel DESIGNER X5 there's another enhancement added: You can now export CGM files with compressed bitmaps…

    • Wed, Jan 25 2012
  • Diagramming tools - Corel DESIGNER X5 video tutorial

    Find out what you can do with Connector Lines featuring various shapes or symbols from the preinstalled library in Corel DESIGNER X5. See how you can rearrange symbols and shapes with dynamic connections for circuit diagrams and other diagramming tasks.

    • Fri, Jan 20 2012
  • Creating understandable illustrations - Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 video tutorial

    In this 2nd video tutorial the previously imported 3D view will be enhanced in Corel DESIGNER using specific technical illustration tools such as callouts, magnifying lens and precise drawing tools.

    See how the automatic renumbering for callouts (new in Corel DESIGNER X5) helps reordering your callouts to a meaningful sequence. Other tips&tricks in this tutorial include tangent line tools and halos on curves.

    • Tue, Jan 17 2012
  • Working with 3D files - Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 video tutorial

    3D models have become a common source for technical illustrations. With a little video tutorial series we'd like to show tips & tricks how to repurpose existing 3D designs for clean and clear technical illustrations.

    In this video tutorial you will see how to quickly disassemble a 3D model in an animated sequence to create exploded views as often used in assembly instructions. Using the integrated 3D import component…

    • Fri, Jan 13 2012
  • Corel DESIGNER tip: How to create custom outline/ fill presets

    In Corel DESIGNER you can apply a lot of different settings to graphical shapes. No matter what kind of shape (curve, rectangle, ellipse, polygon) you're creating, you might want to apply the same fill and/ or outline style to different shapes. For this type of task an efficient way is to create and use Outline/Fill presets that are listed in the dynamic Property Bar whenever a shape or corresponding tool is selected…
    • Wed, Apr 29 2009
  • "Print View" extension in Corel DESIGNER

    +++Update 2016-07 - Print View button in Corel DESIGNER X7 workspace +++

    Working on a large format drawing you might want to printout selected areas of the drawing for a quick discussion, review or other purposes. You don't want to print the whole drawing and selecting the appropriate tile as single page on your Office printer is also not that direct to accomplish that.

    Using the automation interface in Corel DESIGNER…

    • Tue, Mar 17 2009
  • Corel DESIGNER Tipp - Standardbauteile darstellen mit Symbolen

    In diesem Video wird der Einsatz von Symbolen in Corel DESIGNER als effizientes Mittel zur Darstellung von Standardbauteilen gezeigt.

    Von der Nutzung der mitgelieferten Symbolbibliotheken bis hin zur Erstellung und Verwaltung eigener Bibliotheken im Netzwerk lernen Sie in wenigen Minuten die Möglichkeiten kennen, mit Symbolen wiederkehrende Zeichnungselemente in der technischen Illustration zu nutzen, Modifikationen…

    • Fri, Mar 14 2008
  • Corel DESIGNER tip: Creating hotspots for interactive CGM

    This screencam video shows how Corel DESIGNER can be used for creating intelligent graphics for parts catalogs, visual navigation in assembly instructions and many other technical illustration purposes.

    Hotspots are used for Intelligent Web Graphics using CGM v4 and WebCGM. With the Object Data Manager in Corel DESIGNER you can easily create hotspots from any graphical object. The Automation interface (VBA) enables…

    • Thu, Oct 4 2007