Blend direction along the path, how to change??

A blend, like from square to circle.

Then a path, which is kind of a circle. To be simple, let's make a circle.

Select blend, set new path, point circle.

Blend will go along the circle, right?

But, if You want it to go to an other direction with the blend?

How to change it?

I realized, moving 1st object in blend, over "midpoint", will change blend from CW to CCW, depending from which side to go over.

This is basically what I want, but how to control the place of a "midpoint"?? (If that's the way to do it.)

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  • Hi, obviously I'm not getting any feedback (email) when somebody will answer.

    So David, reversing is not the answer as there's shapes which can't be reversed.

    Mek, my example is circle, but real shape is not.

    I feel, I can't explain this, but let's try again.

    To keep it simple, I'll use circle again, but let's imagine it as a clock.

    I'll create a blend from square to triangle.

    Then, I'll place square to 11, and triangle to 7. 

    Result is a queue which turns from square to triangle, along the circle,starting from 11..10..9..8..7, which is a triagle. 

    Counter clockwise.


    (In this case, a circle, when a circle is drawn, there's a small box on top it. I assume it's kind of a start/end point of this shape? Let's call this a midpoint

    So, "midpoint is at 12.

    If I'll grab a first square from blend (which is at 11) and move it over 12 (midpoint) to 1, the blend will then change path and go from 1 to 7, Clockwise.

    The problem is, I want that to go from 1 to 7, counter clockwise.

    David, now You should understand why reversing blend won't work.

    An other shape, square, This "midpoint seems to appear on upper left corner as a default.

    When moving blend over that "small square", blend will change it's path (ClockWise/CounterCW)

    So, how do I keep blends direction (CW/CCW) even though I have to go over that "midpoint" of the shape?