CD 2018 Crashing after entering text ... CD tech support is not helping

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2018, Windows 7 Pro, Laptop PC

When I enter text I see this strange slanted purple box next to the cursor. See attachment. The text in the purple box is barely readable. If I click outside the purple box the text appears as it should. Problem is I can not edit the text as it either goes into the purple box or the program crashes.

I have tried clearing all cache systems. Even uninstalling and reinstalling the program. 

Please, if you have any idea what I am doing wrong, let me know. I have used CorelDraw for many years and have never encountered this.


  • Does it still look like this if you switch to Pick tool, or is it only as long as the text is selected with the Text tool?
    Are the characters selected (highlighted) and if so, what happens when they are not?
    What happens if you add an outline to the text?

    Would it be possible to post the file so we can have a look at it?
    (CDR files are not accepted here so you must ZIP it first)

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