Convert .pat to .fill format

I have about 300 vector patterns from X6 that are .pat format.
I just realized that in Corel Draw 2018 vector patterns are .fill format though and when I go to the vector pattern tab and try to create a link to my pattern folder, it just tells me that there's no content in there. So it no longer seems to recognize the .pat format.
I found out that I can add the .pat files one by one by clicking the "New source from file" button (or whatever it might be called originally - my version is German, so I apologize if I don't translate those things correctly).
But if I do it that way, I also have to save the files one by one and type a file name.
It would take me forever to do that with all my patterns. 
Isn't there a faster way to either convert my .pat files to .fill files or to import them all at once?

And something else - I had another question yesterday, but accidentally posted my question as a "Discussion". Can I change that?