Font list extremely slow compared to older versions

Has anyone else noticed the font list operated significantly slower in 2019 verses older versions? I am in X6 and can maneuver through my fonts exponentially faster than I can in this newer version of 2019. Same fonts, same machine. Consequently, I can work faster in X6 than I can in 2019...?

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  • I'd prefer for my fonts list to just work like it did in X6 and 2017.

    Yeah, we'd all prefer a lot of things... but seems this day and age, things just get worse instead of better and you pay for that downgrade on top of it.

    Thing is, the processors get faster... so you'd think the software would function much faster too, not the other way around?  But then again, if you're sharing fonts on a network, you're limited by that.  Personally, I keep fonts on each of the workstations.