Corel Draw 2019 - Super slow file opening and editing - Very unstable


I am running Corel Draw 2019 on Windows 10 and have yet come across another mind-numbing issue. I am working in a file just fine, then I perform an action, such as import or transparency, and I get the spinney wheel of death. Go to Task manager and Corel is not responding. Sometimes it will eventually perform the action after an extended period of time (4-5 minuets) or nothing at all. Force quit. Save Auto backup of file when I reopen the program and then every action takes forever, if at all. This is very frustrating. Any insight would be most helpful. Thank you!

  • Same for me. I bought a new SSD 1T HD because I thought it had been my old drive slowing this program down to a crawl. That didn't work so then thought I might need more ram, had 16 ddr3 and now have 32. Still working slower now that it was if that is even possible.
    I am running AMD FX 8350  8-core processer , ACPI x64-based PC. I have the AMD Radeon HD 6700 display adapter.

    I contacted Corel thru both chat and phone, they tell me they will have a tech contact me thru email. I have got 2 emails one asked me to follow a reinstall which wiped out all my custom tool bars and settings. I couldn't export this for some reason before I did the clean install. The second email dealt with my docker and custom tool bars but offered no help other than asking for a scree shot.

    It takes a good minute for 2019 to load, I can't get it to just load a blank page. Help files are not the same as the menu options I have.
    After loading a new page it takes several seconds to go from one tool to the next. Drawing lags so badly that you have to stop in between stokes.  The text tool is the same. Typing any word longer than 5 letters causes it to just blank out and then about a minute later the text will show up. If you have to wait even 5 seconds between every move on a page then something is very wrong.

    Moving an object from the docker takes a good minute for the arrow to place it shows up.

    Custom tool bars will not stretch across full width of screen. They hug the left side and then the tool bar on the end of the row will have a drop down menu even if it is only one item.
    The Content Browser will not let me delete file names for content that is no longer there.
    The Dockers can't be made any smaller only larger.
    Checking the "don't ask me that again" box never seems to work.

    I have resorted to installing CorelDraw 5.

    So what now? Guess I need to get my money back.

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