Accessing fonts from the Windows font folder

I apologize if this is old school or has been covered elsewhere. I have many fonts installed in my Windows font folder, but I am unable to access any of them through CorelDraw 2019. If anyone can provide steps for me on how I can access my desired fonts, please be kind and share.


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  • by the time they call they don't understand the problem.

    pretty typical...that's why I don't use them... they are TOTALLY WORTHLESS and nothing but pure frustration and a LOT of wasted time.  Not to mention the THICK foreign accents and condescending attitudes which make it so difficult on top of that.  They talk to you like your stupid or something... yet personally I LIVE and DIE by computers, been using CorelDraw since V1 and VERY FLUENT in computer technology.  I figure my problems out 99% of the time..  but v2019 cannot be until Corel FIXES what they broke with it.