WHEN???? When will there be an update to fix all the bugs in this buggiest ever version of CDR?

It's more than frustrating! CDR 2019 freezes at al lot of normal actions. It freezes when importing SVG-files, it freezes sometime when only copying an graphic element from one page to another. An I can reproduce that behaviour - so it is not just a time to time failure of the program!

So, Corel-Team, would you please either deliver an bug-fixing update soon or alternativ a tool to convert CDR-Files from Version 2019 to Version 2018 with which I don't have to open each file separately and save it in CDR2018 format again! Fortunately I stll have CDR1018 still on my PC - and that is working without any problem!

Stop implementing more and more kinky and unnecessary, only for private playing users interesting, tools and concetrate on a stable working platform for professionals!

If the upcoming update, and I hope it is coming really soon, doesn't fix the problems, I have to terminate my subscription, work only with CDR2018 and start to migrate to Adobe products.

A very disappointed user that worked with CDR since Version 4!