Getting a bit desperate at this end!

I've been a Corel customer now for over 25 years. This year my company has changed its annual payment subscription from credit card to Volume Licence for business. I already have Coreldraw 2029 installed, but the previous subscription has now run out, so I can no longer do any useful work and the Licence key no longer works.

I have now tried submitting various technical support tickets, called technical support, sent screen grabbed payment receipts, all without any useful resolution of my issue. (9 emails, so far)

ie. I have already paid the annual subscription but can't get through to anyone who can actually help me!

Has anyone else been through this "experience" themselves?

and if so, any pointers on how to get through to someone who actually:

1). speaks and understands the English language natively

2). knows what they are taking about and can assist in a constructive and useful way? (sorry for the rant - the message tile says it all)