Default Font Not Sticking

I can't get my default font to stick.

I use Calibri as my default font, but now Raleigh Md BT over-rides the default setting.

I change the font to Calibri, select "Save Settings as Default". But when I select the text tool, it reverts to Raleigh.

When I try to use the "Change Document Default" dialog, it doesn't allow me to use Calibri, or ANY other font. It always goes back to Raleigh Md BT.

Really odd behavior. Any clues???

ADDED:  I un-installed Raleigh fonts and rebooted. Now I'm getting the same "over-ride" behavior, but this time from Ariel font. And the Ariel font continually defaults to Uniform Fill so that the letters are entirely black squares, no letters just black squares. No matter what I do to try to make a different default font (Calibri, Swiss, etc), Corel rejects it and forces me to use Ariel with all-black uniform fill.

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