Saving Vectors for CNC Use

I am trying to use CorelDRAW Standard 2021 to create drawings to be used with Vectric's VCarve Pro and a cnc router. I have created simple drawings and saved them as AI or SVG formats which should be compatible with VCarve. Other VCarve users are successfully using Corel as their design software so I think I must be doing (or not doing) something that is hindfering the process. I'm using a PC running Windows 11 and the VCarve software is the latest version. Any thoughts?



  • What, exactly, is failing?

  • Could you share some of the files that you have exported to AI and SVG?

    CorelDRAW "Standard" is in many ways reduced in functionality compared to the "full" CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. I don't know if that includes limitations on how it exports to those formats.

  • I have a similar setup:  Corel 2021 (full version), Win10, and Vectric Aspire (very similar to VCarve Pro, from the same company) but my Aspire is a couple versions behind the most current one.

    I set my page size in Corel to equal the item that'll be on the cnc.  Set up the vectors then publish to PDF.  I always use unfilled vectors with hairline outline but I'm not sure that it matters.  Then in Aspire I click file>import>import vectors and select the PDF.  Works like a champ for me and places the vectors right where I set them in Corel.  The first time I tried to import vectors into Aspire I used PDF and it worked so well I never explored other file formats like AI or SVG. 

    There is also a Vectric forum

    They are really helpful there, too.

    If you want, share one of your Corel files and I'll see if I can get it into Aspire

  • I've always used EPS to import in vcarve - dxf works good but has large files - svg works but uses relative coordinates so end point of curve doesn't hit the start point due to accumulating decimal precision error - ai is the only format that doesn't work at all for me - svg is nice because you can view it in a browser or windows explorer

    the corel origin is usually page lower left - but that can vary and or may not be the same as your vcarve job origin - so sometimes imported objects are there but way off screen - you can hit the vcarve align objects button immediately after import to move the selected object to the center of vcarve job space