Set a shortcut to switch between Normal View and Wireframe View.

When designing I constantly switch between Normal View and Simple Wireframe View. Can I create a shortcut key or similar to make this a one-click process?

From what I can see, I can only create shortcuts for pre-determined actions. Am I missing some other options?



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  • Use this macro :

    Sub ToggleView()
    ' Toggle views between Enhanced and Wireframe
    ' Keyboard Shortcut Tilde
    With ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.ActiveView
        If .Type = cdrEnhancedView Then
            .Type = cdrWireframeView
            .Type = cdrEnhancedView
        End If
    End With

    End Sub

    I normally work between Enhanced and Wireframe so have ignored the other View formats for my code.

    You will have to use cdrNormalView instead of cdrEnhancedView 

    I have used Tilde as my preferred shortcut but you can set to whatever you like.