Macro: List fonts within a text file?


Is there a macro out there that when activated, will do the following?

1.) Create a new TXT file.

2.) List the name of all fonts used in the document

3.) Save the TXT file using the same name as what the current document is named to a specified directory.

4.) Close the TXT file.

Is there an existing macro that can do this or would this be a difficult thing to accomplish?


Jason Moore

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  • I am aware of the File>Document Info and checking the box, but we don't want to add all those steps in order to do that for each file we create.

    We are lazy =)

    Sorry, but.. . you say you're lazy but you want to use so complicated piece of software, made and corrected by several programmers, for something that's already present on the program since the past century, and you can simply assign a shortcut such as Ctrl+1 for do it?