CGS X4 suddenly won't let me scan...

I was scanning some images into CorelDraw X4 to make a multi-page PDF file. I had successfully scanned in several images.

Then, I forgot to make a new blank page before scanning the next image, so I closed Epson Scan before scanning. However, I closed it by clicking the X button on the preview image instead of the Close button on Epson Scan. I think that's what screwed it up.

Now, whenever I try to do a final scan into CorelDraw or PhotoPaint, I get this error message:

"The application could not inquire about the palette of the image from the TWAIN driver. Image acquiring aborted."

I can scan into Photoshop CS fine, so it's not the scanner hardware.

I also discarded the preview image from my Application Data/Epson/etc. etc. folder. That had fixed a scanning problem I had before, but it didn't fix this problem.

I also rebooted the computer, and that didn't work, either.

I searched on Epson's website and Corel's knowledge base, too, but I couldn't find anything.


My scanner is an Epson Perfection 4490 Photo, using Epson Scan version 3.04A on Windows XP SP 2. I've updated my X4 to SP2, but it was working fine in SP2 before.

I also did the F8/Reset Corel Workspace trick, and that didn't work.

Is there a preferences file I should discard either in Corel or Windows that would fix the scanner problem? Thanks!


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