Copy and Paste suddenly S-L-O-W


Sometime during the past month or two, the speed of cutting and pasting, as well as saving a drawing in CorelDraw X5 has drastically slowed down.  Can anyone help?  Could it be a Windows issue and not a Corel issue?  I have plenty of RAM and I've defragged.  Is there something else I should look at?

I'm familiar with the F8 default settings fix, but I hate to do it because it takes so long to get the settings back where I like them.  I use Corel every day for work, and it is like the inside of my brain - don't want to mess with it!  ;-)

Any help would be appreciated!




  • Julie,


    I would check following (Windows – Dockers):

    • graphic and text styles – too much styles slow work down

    • view manager – too much views slow work down

    • symbol manager – purge off unused symbols if there are any


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