CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 illegal?

After many yeas of owning a copy of CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5, I am getting a message indicating that the copy I have is "illegal"

I opened a support ticket with Corel around mid February (2019) and was given a Registry "Fix" that hasn't really fixed anything.  It works two or three times then my copy of Corel X5 gets disabled and I'm prompted with the Option to upgrade to an older (yes older) version of Corel Suite for 50% off.

I was also asked to provide them the software Serial number, which was verified as being VALID but yet, no fix.

I called, at least, every other day to ask for a status and keep being told that my ticket has been forwarded to Level 2, whatever that means.  It is now 2 months and no one has reached out.

I also posted a complaint via Twitter and received this reply:

"Hello, sorry to hear about your concerns. If you are referring to CorelDRAW X5, please note this is no longer a supported version hence technical assistance would be limited. We would recommend reaching out to the community forums at :  - if you wish to seek further guidance or discuss a problem related to this legacy version. Thank you."

Is this Corel's way of forcing people to upgrade.

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  • When it comes to the tweet, I hear you, not fun to read that. But equally, full technical support will always be less with older versions. But the good thing is that you still went on in this official community. In here you can reach regular users like yourself and me, and beta tester like myself and Corel staff. Remember many Corel staff in here are the best people in support. You reach both customer service and high level tech support people.

    I like to remember there were 3 service packs made for X5. But if you only see one service pack on the site, it would mean it's a so called kumilative service pack/fix that involves all separate into one. You will see when you go to the site please remember to use, or create, a Corel account to get be able to download the free service packs.

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