When switching between windows, the previously used tool automatically selects - can I prevent this?

When I have multiple files open in Corel Draw X7, if I use, for example Text tool in one window, then I exit the Text tool (by selecting Pick tool), if switch to an other window and back, the Text tool automatically gets selected.

This isn't a big problem until it literally causes a crash: I was working with Transparency tool on something small. Then I was working on some other things and I selected a large group of objects. Then I switched between windows and when I came back to the file it says something like "too many objects selected", and no wonder, it crashed right after ... Apparently, when I came back to the window of the file, it automatically selected Transparency tool and tried to make many objects transparent (which I never do for obvious reasons), even though I never wanted it to do it. This is so frustrating.

With this example, it became clear that this is a serious problem (not just annoying). Is there a way to prevent it?

This is probably similar issue as when switching between windows, a non changed file has an option to save it, even though there are no changes.