Need Help with Decision

I have a old Windows 7 PC and use CorelDraw X3, since Microsoft changed with the updates, I have decided to buy a new PC with Windows 10. I own a laptop with 10 and have a hard time to get it. Since I am buying a NEW PC and that automatically comes with Windows 10 I will need to upgrade or get a NEW Coreldraw. I have ZERO knowledge of PC's and teach myself everything. I don't want a PC that is high-tech of things I would never use, But be able to run CorelDraw and a Embroidery Program. Which NEW CorelDraw should I invest in? I am afraid I would not understand the 2020 Version. I still only have knowledge of about 35% of the X3, since I only use it for certain things. PLEASE HELP me to get the Right PC and Program without being overwhelmed. Many Thanks for any input!