Export Issue with Black

Hello CDR community,

I m facing a problem with exports and I really hope someone can help me.

I created a graphic in CDR x5 and I wanted to export it as a JPG preview for my client but the Blacks are completely off and the colors are not as vivid as they should be in gradients where involve Black.

  • My main Color Mode is CMYK.
  • All the colors inside the graphic are in Cmyk
  • Black is 100%

I am googling for a solution for hours and I've tried everything I found. Nothing has helped me by messing with the Color Management from changing the "rendering indent" to perceptual and enabling the "Preserve Pure Black".

The only thing I managed to eventually do is to export it properly in RGB settings BUT I am planning to print this Graphic so obviously I can't send a RGB color mode to the printing company. Below are two images of how it looks in CDR and how when I export it. Please help me.