Still - Copy/Paste very slow - Nvidia version

Windows 10 / CorelDraw x8 / Nvidia quadro p2000 / 16 GB RAM / intel xeon w-2123 CPU @ 3.6 GHz

It takes a full 8 seconds to copy anything in coreldraw. Doesn't matter what I'm copying. There's been problems with this issue dating back years and years on these forums and still not a clear fix. It only happens in coreldraw. I can copy an 8 MP photo in photoshop in a second but takes 8 full seconds in coreldraw to copy a single letter. Very frustrating.

For some reason every solution involves printer drivers (I have none loaded) or loading old Radeon drivers (I use Nvidia). I tried every win10 compatible driver release (clean uninstall each time) and they all have the same problem. I know it's the GPU because when I just use a generic windows driver there's no problems copying in coreldraw. But I get none of the benefits of a GPU.