Huge file opens to blank page! Please help!

Hello all,

I have a huge problem with I file I've been working on for weeks. It was fine until this morning when I tried opening it and it was blank. Nada, Zilch. Nothing. Of course I immediately went to the backup but that was blank also. Mind you it's a BIG file. About 3.7 Gigs huge. I know that's ridiculous but I honestly didn't even notice the file size until it was too late. I tried those PDF file conversion programs online to see if maybe I can salvage some data but they say the file is too big. I even tried looking in the .tmp files to see if I can revert back but nothing either there. Can anyone help me? I don't think it's a Corel issue but rather a Windows/PC issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Any advice or fixes?

Thanks in advance,

Lowell G. 

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