opens blank page only

i have been working on this project in corel draw12 for several weeks now, as it is or/was coming to its final stages a few days ago it now only opens a blank page, it is 2.14 gb and it will get bigger as it reaches its final stages.
i can still see it in preview. when it was opening it took a very long time to open i realise the reason for this is the size im using very high resolution images and designing and editing
please can you assist to resolve this , or maybe there is another program that you may recommend that will support the size so i can complete my work. pleas help. thank you

i found a backup  copy  but it will not import the size is 1.70 gb seems its still too large to  open ,

i don't think it has anything to do with memory , i have a full drive laptop is new. my thoughts are that corel draw will not open a file that size, and you are right about  breaking it up i should have worked  in several sheets but saved them desperately.

i thought i would  try your advice but how do i break it up now  please explain it will not open. thanks.

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  • Sorry, folks...I have had this horrifying problem happen to me MANY times over the past 10-15 years and even through MANY versions of CorelDraw. I have turned to many experts for solutions only to be disappointed over and over again. The truth is: when CorelDraw "crashes" and only shows your document as one BLANK page; It doesn't matter how many times you had saved it (I usually have 60 to 150 saves by the time I finish a single CD document), or how many different versions of the document you save (I have learned to rename/number and save again often too), whether autosave is on or off or even if you do have multiple backup copies (or none) or even if you are using every version of CorelDraw known to man to try to open it (I have had every version of CorelDraw since its inception)  nor how high speed your computer is or even how much memory you have (my husband has a computer store and I have a top-of-the-line high-tech computer with 2 mega hard drives installed--a total of 3terrabytes plus 4gigabytes of RAM-- with TONS of memory left) or how much you wish it so; you will not recover the lost document (not even with corelfind or corelfix or zip files or whatever other fancy plans you devise)!!!!  This can happen to you even if you break your program up into smaller pieces ahead of time. The problem is a major flaw in the CorelDraw program: you are led to believe all along that your document is being saved when it is actually NOT and has already been corrupted. There is no indication as you go happily along that all your work is corrupted despite all your diligent "saving" and size-planning efforts. This is CorelDraw's fault (not yours). Because what they did not tell you or warn you about is that there is a size-limit to your document in CorelDraw and if you exceed it, unbeknowst to you, you will only be saving a document that shows up as a blank page.  To make it worse, no one tells you what that size is exactly though some speculate here that it might be over 2GB.  I suspect it is larger since some of my documents have been at least 10 times that size. So...shame on CorelDraw for not telling you up front and particularly for not warning you as you are working on and saving the document. Shame on them for not addressing this flaw and fixing it in later (expensive) updated versions or sending out a work-around fix. So now let's finally stop crying and blaming ourselves and ask CorelDraw to do something about this most heart-breaking experience! Pretty please! BTW: I would really like for someone to prove me wrong!

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