My PhotoPaint default font is suddenly something odd and I can't change it back

HI I am posting here only because the last reference to this problem I could find was in this thread. I believe my version is much older, but this is a last ditch attempt to find an answer

Quite recently, my Corel Photo Paint FONT started opening with a font I don't use and isn't even on my system - every time, no matter what I use in a session, it goes back to that font.

There appears to be no way of setting a default font of choice, either inside or outside a document. I have to choose my font from the drop-down every time.

And the weirdest thing is, this problem has only started within the last few months, whereas I see from an old posting here that people have had this problem, or something similar, going back over a decade.

Are there any suggestions? Thanks for any advice.