Photo-Paint 12, Brush Tool not working


The brush tool is no longer working - when I select on any of the brush tools, spray, Art burhs, spray , line, marker etc, they will not work. When I select the drop down nothing is listed. Additionally, none of the other tools in the box, Effect Tool, Image Sprayer too ect, do not work aswell.


Did I select something to turn off the tool?

I've tried to uninstall and re-install and that did not work.

Any suggestions??




Mark A

  • Hey guys just found the solution once you encounter this problem again.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. strike paint command, press P

    2. go to windows tab

    3. go to dockers

    4.then brush settings

    5. once the brush setting windows appears, you will notice a small arrow on the top right of the window

    6. strike the "reset brush type"

    7. Finish then try the paint brush i hope it will works couse it works on me!!!!

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