Photo-Paint 12, Brush Tool not working


The brush tool is no longer working - when I select on any of the brush tools, spray, Art burhs, spray , line, marker etc, they will not work. When I select the drop down nothing is listed. Additionally, none of the other tools in the box, Effect Tool, Image Sprayer too ect, do not work aswell.


Did I select something to turn off the tool?

I've tried to uninstall and re-install and that did not work.

Any suggestions??




Mark A


    Hi Mark,

    Are you doing a Full Uninstall or are you repairing it? It can make a night and day difference in my experience. Also, after the uninstall, I would go back and manually delete any files/folders that might have been left behind (ie. Program Files\Corel; Documents and Settings\Application Data\......). Then I (personaly) would reboot befor I reinstalled it. Not such what more to suggest aside from running a reg scanner to clean up any left behind reg keys. Hope that helps some. =)





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